Winter Golf

winter-golfThese next few months are different things to different people. Some hibernate, some cross-train, some just scale down their schedule a bit. For those who hibernate may I suggest you put on a sweater and go outside for 5 or 10 minutes a couple of times a week and just swing? Begin by taking two wedges, the heaviest clubs in the bag, and loosen up by easily swinging them continuously back and forth three to four times and then hold the finish. Take some slow motion individual swings. Did you take a lesson and have something you need to bring more awareness to and are trying to coach yourself on? Slow motion swings, heavy club swings, hitting effortlessly or half shots with whiffle balls can make the exercise more vivid. If you are right handed, make sure to make some left-handed swings and the stretch will be better. The hands do not fit well on two clubs, don’t worry about that, you are just loosening up, a gentle stretching. Swing at some whiffle balls or make balls out of snow to give a little resistance and something to hit at. If you do this a couple times a week, the spring will be here before you know it and hopefully you will have less aches and pains when you do go out for that first Spring 2016 venture.

Keep your putter handy also. Even a few putts on a carpet that is slower that a regular putting green is okay to make strokes on for a few moments of stress reduction by taking your mind off of the day’s concerns or the remembered feel of your putting stroke.

Those who practice all year long can take advantage of The Golf Zone’s sheltered area and heated stalls. Get out, swing and hit a basket! Follow the above advice for loosening up though, too.

And then there are those of us who actually enjoy winter golf. The reasons are things like: Once you get acclimated it is not that bad, extending the fall and spring playing seasons, the fees are reduced, course not as busy, finally an excuse to play forward tees, and it makes the soup and beer taste better afterwards.

Ahhh... Those Floridian’s don’t know what they’re missing.

- Keep a swingin’, Dave Linkchorst, PGA