Golf Instruction & Our Vision

Our Team has over 250 years of Teaching & Coaching Experience. We offer Private Coaching, Group Programs, and Women's Programs, and our popular 'Swing With Freedom' teaching concepts are some of the most successful programs in the United States! Swing with Freedom is committed to shifting the culture of golf from one of tips, techniques, formulas and answers to one of exploration, discovery and freedom. It is based on the principals of Extraordinary Golf which was developed by Fred Shoemaker. Our Instructors empower you and your game by:

  • Increasing awareness and trust in your natural swing and learning abilities
  • Identifying fear and doubt and replace it with curiosity and trust
  • Discovering interference and replace it with freedom and peace of mind
  • Increase your ability to self coach
  • Discovering the real joy and adventure of learning and how it relates to life…including relationships and business

The current golf culture is replaced with an environment free of judgment or evaluation. This different approach allows for real and lasting development rich in learning, enjoyment, and improved performance by exploring what’s possible. Unlike traditional golf lessons where the student is viewed as somehow lacking, the foundation of Swing with Freedom Lesson Center is in knowing that within each and every one of us exists the natural ability to learn, develop and grow. Those innate abilities, when re-discovered and brought out, allows for remarkable breakthroughs in learning, enjoyment and performance. The current golf culture filled with tips, techniques and formulas is replaced with an environment free of judgment or evaluation. This safe and empowering environment allows the student to explore and develop well beyond what they may have ever imagined possible.

“Your view of the world, as it occurs for you, determines all your actions, thoughts, and emotions.”  – Fred Shoemaker

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Meet The Instruction Team

Harry Hammond, PGA Master Professional

Harry Hammond, PGA Master Professional

Penn Oaks Golf Club • 150 Penn Oaks Drive • West Chester, PA 19382
Tel: (610) 399-0501

Harry has been recognized by US Kids Golf as their “Top 50 Teachers for junior golf in 2005 and 2009 and 2011”. In 2012 Harry was presented with the US Kids Master Teacher award.

Harry was recognized by the Philadelphia Section of the PGA of America with their “Junior Golf Leader” award four times.  In 1999, he was recognized by the PGA of America with their “National Award” for Junior Golf.  He also has received the Philadelphia Sections “Bill Strausbaugh Award” in 2005 and 2009 which is given to a section professional that has mentored his fellow professionals as well as his involvement within the community. In 2012, Harry was again recognized by The PGA of America with their National Bill Strausbaugh award. Harry serves as the men’s golf coach for the last six years at Division II West Chester University. He was named the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference Coach of the year in 2011.

Harry is proud to have been a Class A member of The Professional Golfers Association for 50 years and a PGA Master Professional since 1991. The Philadelphia Section of the PGA of America elected Harry into their Hall of Fame in 2001.

Harry is married to Sally Fackler Hammond. Their daughter, Laura, played Division 1 golf for Penn State University under Coach Denise St Pierre. She is also an eight time Women’s Golf Association of Philadelphia Champion.

Call (610) 942-9494 to schedule a lesson

You Ask. We Answer.

What distinguishes Swing with Freedom from other teaching models?

  • By creating a safe learning environment, participants have the freedom to explore without the fear of failure. This allows individuals to stay in the present and not place judgments that inhibit their ability to feel and thus allows them to achieve rapid learning.
  • Swing with Freedom coaches look to learn from the individuals they are coaching to improve themselves as well. This can only happen when there is an absence of a teaching hierarchy. Coach and participant collaborate as equals to uncover one’s ability to learn and perform.
  • Our coaches have no agenda. Coaching sessions are built around what the participant wants to learn. This is achieved by asking questions that provoke deeper thoughts than “I want to get better.”
  • Our coaches believe real breakthroughs are achieved by changing the way in which we approach an activity, not by increasing the time and effort that is exerted
  • When was the last time you were coached on how to learn or concentrate? In addition to the full swing, putting, chipping, etc., Swing with Freedom coaches explore a variety of factors that can increase your awareness and performance more rapidly than most think is possible.

Do you work on mechanics? Do you have a method/swing you ask participants to adopt?

Yes, we explore mechanics (swing plane, club face, solid contact, ball placement, etc.) but not in the way you might imagine. Through years of experience, our coaches have found that each individual has a swing unto themselves as unique as a fingerprint. Our goal is to strip away the band aids, swing fixes, and other distractions currently preventing each person from making their most proficient, graceful, and powerful swing possible.

Where are lessons/instruction given?

Each coach has availability at various clubs in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Please see the Contacts page to view the facilities for each coach.