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Take your swing to the next level.

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Our Team has over 100 + years of Teaching & Coaching Experience. We offer Private Coaching, Group Programs, and Women’s Programs, and our popular ‘Swing With Freedom’ teaching concepts are some of the most successful programs in the United States! Swing with Freedom is committed to shifting the culture of golf from one of tips, techniques, formulas and answers to one of exploration, discovery and freedom. It is based on the principals of Extraordinary Golf which was developed by Fred Shoemaker. Our Instructors empower you and your game by:

The current golf culture is replaced with an environment free of judgment or evaluation. This different approach allows for real and lasting development rich in learning, enjoyment, and improved performance by exploring what’s possible. Unlike traditional golf lessons where the student is viewed as somehow lacking, the foundation of Swing with Freedom Lesson Center is in knowing that within each and every one of us exists the natural ability to learn, develop and grow. Those innate abilities, when re-discovered and brought out, allows for remarkable breakthroughs in learning, enjoyment and performance. The current golf culture filled with tips, techniques and formulas is replaced with an environment free of judgment or evaluation. This safe and empowering environment allows the student to explore and develop well beyond what they may have ever imagined possible.

Golf Instructions & Lessons

Golf Instruction & Our Vision

Re-discover your instincts, learn how to learn, and play golf with more trust and freedom than you ever thought possible!

As in any endeavaor , wheather work or play, the more freedom, enjoyment, and enthusiasm you experience, the better the performance. The freedom makes it all happen, and there is no freedom in formula”

Fred Shoemaker, Extraordinary Golf

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Golf Instructions Golf Instructions
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Golf Simulator Photo Gallery Golf Simulator Photo Gallery
Golf Simulator Photo Gallery Golf Simulator Photo Gallery
Golf Simulator Photo Gallery Golf Simulator Photo Gallery
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Fred Shoemaker

Your view of the world, as it occurs for you, determines all your actions, thoughts, and emotions.”

Fred Shoemaker
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Meet Your Instruction Team

Rich Hanna

PGA Professional

Rich Hanna, originally from Virginia Beach, VA., has been a golf professional for 29 years. Rich attended James Madison University playing on the golf team, has won multiple Division I tournaments, and competed in the 1991 NCAA Eastern regionals. Rich also competed full time on professional tours all over the country, playing against many current PGA tour professionals. He won several events in Florida on the Gateway Tour and in the Carolinas on the E-Golf Tour.

Rich qualified to the second stage of PGA Tour qualifying school (Q School) twice. Rich has been teaching all levels of golfers for the last 20 years and finds great satisfaction in helping people understand and enjoy the game that he loves!

Harry Hammond

Harry Hammond

PGA Professional | PGA Master Professional

Harry has been recognized by US Kids Golf as their “Top 50 Teachers for junior golf in 2005 and 2009 and 2011”. In 2012 Harry was presented with the US Kids Master Teacher award.

Harry was recognized by the Philadelphia Section of the PGA of America with their “Junior Golf Leader” award four times…

How It Works

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Customer Testimonial

Swing Through Podcast

On this episode The Teacher becomes the Student. Coach Tim gets a Golf Hell intervention from GSL and PGA of America Master Teacher George McNamara. We learn that anyone can go down the rabbit hole where this game will make you crazy and how being present is the pathway to a better, more enjoyable time. To see Tim’s email that inspired episode 107, go to our Facebook page.

Swing Through Podcast

GSL and Coach Tim talk Tiger and redemption, the Hero’s Journey and there’s not a dry eye in the house! Also George McNamara, the founder of Swing with Freedom, talks Extraordinary Golf and learning to unlock your own true motion.

You Ask. We Answer

  • By creating a safe learning environment, participants have the freedom to explore without the fear of failure. This allows individuals to stay in the present and not place judgments that inhibit their ability to feel and thus allows them to achieve rapid learning.
  • Swing with Freedom coaches look to learn from the individuals they are coaching to improve themselves as well. This can only happen when there is an absence of a teaching hierarchy. Coach and participant collaborate as equals to uncover one’s ability to learn and perform.
  • Our coaches have no agenda. Coaching sessions are built around what the participant wants to learn. This is achieved by asking questions that provoke deeper thoughts than “I want to get better.”
  • Our coaches believe real breakthroughs are achieved by changing the way in which we approach an activity, not by increasing the time and effort that is exerted
  • When was the last time you were coached on how to learn or concentrate? In addition to the full swing, putting, chipping, etc., Swing with Freedom coaches explore a variety of factors that can increase your awareness and performance more rapidly than most think is possible.
Yes, we explore mechanics (swing plane, club face, solid contact, ball placement, etc.) but not in the way you might imagine. Through years of experience, our coaches have found that each individual has a swing unto themselves as unique as a fingerprint. Our goal is to strip away the band aids, swing fixes, and other distractions currently preventing each person from making their most proficient, graceful, and powerful swing possible.
Each coach has availability at various clubs in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Please see the Contacts page to view the facilities for each coach.

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